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Swift Dev Journal's Intro to SwiftUI

A guide introducing SwiftUI to inexperienced developers.

Swift Dev Journal’s Intro to SwiftUI

SwiftUI is Apple’s new framework for making user interfaces and apps for Apple’s platforms: iOS, Mac, tvOS, and watchOS. There are many resources available for learning SwiftUI, including Hacking with Swift’s 100 day course on SwiftUI. But if you are new to developing apps for Apple’s platforms, you may find that the courses and other learning materials move too fast. This guide introduces SwiftUI at a slower pace.

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I want this guide to be useful to people new to developing for Apple’s forums. I put the guide on GitHub so I can easily update it. If you have a question, want me to add something to the guide, or find I didn’t explain something clearly in this guide, go to my contact page and send an email so I can improve this guide.