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Starting iOS Development FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions on starting iOS development.

Learning Questions

This page contains frequently asked questions on learning iOS development.

Should I learn Swift or Objective-C?


There’s nothing wrong with Objective-C, but you will find much much more iOS learning material in Swift. Most Objective-C material dates back to 2014 and earlier.

Should I learn SwiftUI or UIKit?

If you are new to iOS development, I recommend learning SwiftUI. SwiftUI is the future of app development on Apple’s platforms. You’re going to eventually learn SwiftUI so you might as well start with it.

SwiftUI does have its downsides. It’s a new framework that is rapidly changing. SwiftUI has a lot of bugs. It’s much less stable than UIKit. Learning SwiftUI may frustrate you. If you’re easily frustrated, you will be better off starting with UIKit, which is a more mature framework.